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Sunbeam Cat Window Bed

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Wally Jack: Where Sunbeams Meet Purrs

  • Wally Jack crafts luxurious cat window beds where sunbeams meet purrs, bringing joy to feline explorers and their humans.
  • Wally Jack isn't just another pet brand selling cat window beds. We're a pawsitive revolution in feline comfort, inspired by the playful spirit of our beloved cats, Wally and Jack. We craft luxe, sun-kissed havens where cats can bask in warmth, unleash their inner explorer, and experience pure bliss.

Here's what sets us apart

Wally Jack isn't just a brand, it's a feeling. A feeling of warmth, joy, and playful connection
between cats and their humans. We invite you to join us in creating a world where every kitty has a sunbeam to call their own.

Heartfelt Inspiration

Our story is woven with love for our furry friends, Jack's memory living on in every cozy nook we create.

Playful Luxury

Our window beds combine sun-drenched lounging with plush comfort and playful details, making them irresistible feline retreats.

Purrfectly Crafted

We use premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship to ensure durability, safety, and a touch of elegance for any home décor.

Sustainability Pawsitive

We're committed to eco-conscious practices and materials, leaving a pawsitive impact on the planet our feline friends call home.

Community Connectionn

We believe in supporting cat welfare initiatives and building a community of cat lovers who share our passion for purrfect happiness.


More than just a naptime nook, Wally Jack fosters feline wellbeing. Sun-drenched relaxation, playful exploration, and pure purr-inducing bliss – every kitty's happy place.

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